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Pay What You Can Website

We got very tired of small businesses and new businesses struggling to get a website they can afford. So we created “Pay What You Can Websites”.

You pay what you can, we build a website you are happy with, then you have the opportunity to pay a little more so that you can “Pay it forward” for the next person who might be struggling.

If you don’t know how this works, please ensure you read the full description by clicking here or reading below.

If you require additional advanced products for your website such as: shop/store, a membership site, or advanced plugins please add them to your cart below, or click here to view them.


Product Details

We got very tired of small businesses and new businesses struggling to get a website they can afford.

So we created “Pay What You Can Websites”… a service for small businesses, that allows people to pay what they can afford for websites.

This isn’t a marketing ploy… we will only work with small businesses who declare their turnover is less than £50k.


1.) You Pay What You Can

You decide how much you can afford and select this on our sliding scale website purchase page. This gets us started working together…We work on this basis hoping that those who can afford will pay enough to cover those that really cannot.

2.) Fill In Forms & We Start To Build Your Website

We have a set routine of forms that will help us establish what you would like to achieve with your website, what you would like it to look like, what branding you have, and what content you want on the site.We then go about building your site, with feedback at all stages. We work exclusively via email contact to build the site you would like.

Please note there are additional factors that may require additional payment, such as Shop/Store features, Membership Site, Advanced plugins. You can add these on to your purchase below.

3.) Your Website Is Built

Your website is built and you are sent it throughout the design stages for feedback. Once you are happy, we will begin the sign off process which includes setting up the site for SEO, making it fully mobile responsive and also handing over the site so you can make changes yourself.

4.) Pay It Forward

You then have the opportunity to “Pay It Forward” by paying a little extra for your website when you are happy with it. This will allow other businesses to get the same high quality website when they are going through difficult times, or just starting out!

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  1. Chris & Emily

    We think this is a great idea. But we are biased!! 🙂 Leave a review for your “Pay What You Can Website” here! – Chris & Emily

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