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PRICE: £375


– One page of concept logos to choose from

– 3 rounds of amendments until the logo is perfect

– Consultation throughout the process to assist

– Finished logo provided in all the artwork formats you will need

– Branding document sheet including all the fonts and colours for your brand

Optional Extras:

– Social Media Sized Images (i.e. Facebook Banners, Profile Pictures, Youtube thumbnails)

– Branding Guidelines Document Created

– Customer Avatar Document Created


PRICE: £600


– Design of all pages (Not limited)

– Build of website using WordPress backend

-Input and build of all content agreed at quote stage

-Video clips of how to add and edit content for the users sent at end of process

– SEO optimisation of site

– Free SSL certificate applied

Optional Extras:

– Online Store / Shop Build

– Membership Site Design & Build

– Email List Set Up and Integration

Podcast Editing

PRICE: £60 for up to 30 minutes fully edited


– Files edited down

– Cleaned up for pace and mistakes

– Adding intros, outros and other sections

– Full Production of Episode

– Mixing down to podcast mp3 format

Optional Extras:

– Show notes written

– Distribution of episode

– Templated artwork created

– Blog post created from show notes

– Video clip created as audiogram

– Social Media Promotion

– Transcription


PRICE: £60 for up to 5 minutes


– Editing of video files in to one produced video of up to 5 minutes duration

– Adding in pop up’s, logo’s music and sound effects

– Production and tightening of timing to help with video goals

– Mixdown to high quality 1080 video standard for web distribution.

Optional Extras:

– Add B-Roll

– Additional minutes

– Separate video clips edited for promotion

– Add Voiceover or Explainer Video Animation



PRICE: £60 per blog


–  Research of topic area

– SEO Driven Writing

– Artwork to Blog Specs

– 500 word blog post included

Optional Extras:

– Additional Words

– Social Media Artwork Versions

– Social Media Posts Written / Posted

All of it

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