All cards on the table here, Fanfield Farm is our other business. Yes we run a farm as well as a web design company… we don’t like sleeping apparently!

In 2019 we tasked ourselves with building a website for our farm business, it started out as just a basic site with a few pages, blog, and contact options. But soon developed to require not only an online store, but also a membership with subscriptions.

The evolution of this project has been fantastic as not only does the website now have a sleek design that fits with the brand, but also comfortably runs all the admin for delivery of 50 veg boxes a week, with all subscription payments taken care of. Customers can also add additional projects to their deliveries through the online store.

Sleek Design

We wanted a design that was simple and clean so that the colours of the produce (veg) would bring the site to life and be the spotlight.

Using Divi we put together a home page that completely focussed around the colours and images of the vegetables, and kept colours behind that to whites and light colours.

We created a scrolling homepage that had all the information a visitor might want, in the order that Fanfield Farm wanted it delivered in.

We went with the design of image headers with overlayed text and “calls to action” buttons. The brilliant farm images made this an easier design to pull together and the layout we decided on made it easier to build extra pages as we went through the design and build process.

Fanfield Farm Website 2
Fanfield Farm Website 3
Fanfield Farm Website Subscriptions

Subscription Feature

Fanfield Farm run a vegetable box business, this includes regular weekly customers with the same order each week. They therefore needed a subscription for those customers, so that they didn’t need to be calling them up to take payments or to prevent the need of customers needing to contact their banks to setup direct debits.

Automated subscriptions through the website allowed Fanfield Farm’s customers to have a dedicated login area to:

  • Adjust their subscription i.e. to a different box size
  • Change their address themselves
  • Pause themselves when on holiday
  • Update card details themselves
  • Download a receipt for each payment themselves

This saves a lot of admin for the farm, and has also been invaluable when looking at the time it would have taken to manage this weekly for 50 customers.

We used Woocommerce to build the online shop and Woocommerce Subscriptions Plugin to setup and run this side of the site.

Fanfield Farm Website Spotlight